Marshall AVT50HX 50w Guitar-top

Model/varenr.: MARSHALL-AVT50HX

The AVT50HX is the head version of the AVT50X combo and is armed with the exact same killer features and tones. When driving the purpose-built AVT412XA (angled) and AVT412XB (straight) Celestion-loaded 4x12" cabinets, it delivers the extra depth and sheer total weight which only a Marshall stack or half stack is capable of!

If you believe that 50 watts of solid-state power isn't sufficient to gig with, then think again, because the AVT50X is definitely the exception to that rule! Its two footswitchable channels deliver glistening ECC83-driven clean tones and a roaring crunch that just oozes vintage authenticity. Contemporary, high gain sounds that pack an unbelievable focus and punch are also possible, thanks to the extremes of gain available, coupled with the closed-back cabinet and custom 12" Celestion speaker. Other features include a CD input, a headphone jack for silent practice', a speaker Emulated DI output, an Accoutronics Spring Reverb, a Series FX Loop and a sturdy LED footswitch (supplied).

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