Marshall 2061X 20w L&B Guitar-top

Model/varenr.: MARSHALL-2061X
Handwired Marshall Amps - Point To Point Perfection!
Due to public demand, Marshall is offering authentic, handwired re-issues of some of their most respected and sought-after amplifiers. Marshall is launching this exciting series with two heads, a combo and four, hand-soldered extension cabinets.

The Marshall 2061X is a handwired re-issue of a model 2061 (originally produced from 1967 to 1973): an all-valve (2 x ECC83, 2 x EL84) 20 Watt, 'Lead and Bass' head.

• Handwired reissue of the late '60s/early '70s classic
• All-valve design: 2xECC83 and 2xEL84
• Point-to-point, handwired, tag-board circuit
• High-grade ceramic valve bases
• Two channels - Lead & Bass
• Custom-made, Dagnall reissue transformers
• Box-section, 16-gauge, mild-steel chassis
• High-grade, Baltic birch cabinet with finger-locked joints
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