Fra: Cioks

Cioks - Big John Strømforsyning (7 outlets)

Model/varenr.: CIOKS-BJPS-6000
Big John is a power supply unit, which transforms the mains voltage to a low voltage - 9V DC which is the standard for most effect pedals on the market. It is specially designed for use with guitar/bass effect pedals, but can be used as a power supply for any device which requires 9V DC. Two LED status indicators help you to check your power situation at a glance.

- output voltage: 9V DC
- max. output current: 600mA
- 7 outlets (centre is positive), all with 9V
- short circuit protection
- 2 LED status indicators (Power & Check)
- 2m mains cable
- dimensions: 130x75x40mm
- weight: 520g
- warranty period: 2 years

- Durable design - 3mm thick case able to withstand a person standing on the device.

- LED status indicators gives you an overview of your power situation at a glance - red POWER indicator shows if the power supply is connected to mains, green CHECK indicator when lit means that the power supply is in normal working condition, when off the power supply is either overloaded or short circuited.

- RCA sockets are used for outlets for better mechanical fixture of the Flex cables connected to the device - to avoid cables unplugging themselves by accident.

- Plenty of milliamps to power up your pedals - check out the Current Consumption Table to figure out how much power you need.

- Great selection of Flex cables in 3 different lengths and different plugs to match almost any pedal on the market.

- IT ALMOST NEVER FAILS - less than 1 in a 1000 gets back to the factory for repair.

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