Fra: T-Rex

T-REX Squeezer - Compressor

Model/varenr.: T-Squeezer

Rør-dreven kompressor specielt udviklet til bassister.

A bass player's best friend
T-Rex Engineering is pleased to present Squeezer, the latest addition to our family of high-quality effects pedals for stringed instruments. Squeezer is a tube-driven compressor specially designed for bass players. It smoothens out your bass lines and keeps you right where you want to be in the mix – while enhancing your sound with rich tube warmth. And it naturally gives you complete control of all essential parameters, letting you craft a compression that’s all your own.

Bass players tend to get buried in the mix – and it’s not just because guitarists are always turning up the volume! Your bass has a low frequency range, which makes it difficult for the human ear to distinguish in the first place. And the techniques bass players use – from atmospheric open-string drones to popping and slapping – cover a wider dynamic range than almost any other instrument in your band. Squeezer evens your dynamics out, making your lines come through at the right level, no matter how you’re playing.

Compressors can be complicated, but Squeezer keeps things simple – giving you full control over compression ratio, threshold, attack, release, gain and overall level in a neat, logical design. This makes Squeezer great for use on stage, where you don’t have time for fiddling with too many knobs. But don’t be fooled by this pedal’s elegant design. It’s a full-featured precision instrument that can be fine-tuned almost infinitely – for a perfect sound in the studio as well as live on stage.

Gain, Level, Comp, Threshold, Attack and Release knobs, built-in tube, input and output jacks, 12 V DC, rugged design with a British racing green finish.

Effect usage: 260 mA

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