Fra: T-Rex

T-REX Michael Angelo Batio - Overdrive

Model/varenr.: T-MABatio

Twice the pedal for twice the guitarist
Guitar phenomenon Michael Angelo Batio was in a dilemma. He is twice the guitarist, and he plays twice the guitar. But he didn’t have twice the overdrive he needed to keep up with his blistering licks and double-handed pyrotechnics. That’s why he teamed up with Denmark’s T-Rex Engineering – a producer of high-end and custom effects pedals – to create Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive. You only have to listen to Mr. Batio play to hear what this pedal can do – add an exquisite overdrive to your guitar sound.

Heaven-sent overdrive
Michael Angelo wanted a pedal that would give him creamy, classic overdrive without clouding his unique touch and tone. T-Rex produced an overdrive unit with a sound sweet enough to make an angel cry – but with an earthy bite and punch! From a medium blues crunch to a rock guitar wail, Michael Angelo overdrive covers the full spectrum of overdrive distortion.

Michael Angelo Batio’s tonal masterpiece
Let there be no doubt: the Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive was created for this guitarist and his brand of melodic heavy rock – moody, moving, majestic. But the core of this pedal is a warm, natural-sounding smooth distortion that will appeal to any guitarist looking for the holy grail of overdrive.

Gain, Tone and Level knobs, input and output jacks, 9-12 V DC or 9 V battery, industrial design with metal finish, Michael Angelo Batio’s logo and signature.

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