Fra: T-Rex

T-REX ToneTrunk 55 HardCase

Model/varenr.: T-TTHardCase55
ToneTrunk HardCase 55
Pedalboard size 55x32x5cm. Comes in a lockable hardcase.

Armed with an arsenal of T-Rex tone, all you need now is the perfect board to make sure your pedals are just where you need them night after night.

The ToneTrunk does just that – and more. It’s a perfectly designed pedal board that holds at least 8 T-Rex pedals and comes with a lockable road case, ensuring that your pedals are in place when you're on stage – and safely stored away when you're not.

The pedals attach to the board with included Velcro strips, and there's room for a power supply.

• Great slanted design for assured access
• Rugged steel construction
• Room for at least 8 T-Rex pedals
• Velcro for fastening pedals to the board
• Accommodates FuelTank power supplies
• Sturdy lockable road case

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