Marshall MF400A Mode Four 400w Kabinet

Model/varenr.: MARSHALL-MF400A
The MF280 (280W) and MF400 (400W) cabinets are specially engineered to reproduce the balanced mid range and huge bottom end that are a pre-requisite for extreme hard rock and nu-metal sounds.

Sonically optimized Celestion loudspeaker designs

Pro-gauge internal wiring

Increased internal volume

Metal logo and piping

In keeping with all legendary Marshall cabinets the MF 4x12 in. cabinets are not only ready for the sonic demands of a high performance head like the MF350, but also the extreme physical abuse they may receive on the road.

Marshall recommends the MF280A (angled) and B (base) for full-stack operation and the MF400A or B for half-stack operation.

Technical Info

Speaker Configuration: 4x12 in.

Speaker Type: Celestion G12-K100

Power (RMS): 400W

Impedance: 8 Ohm

Dimensions (mm): 760 x 910 x 380

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