Ibanez IS412CA Lige Kabinet

Model/varenr.: IBA-IS412CS
The new generation Tone Blaster X series amps were designed and created to answer the needs of today’s guitarist. The parametric mid EQ allows you to dial in any tone you’re looking for in an instant. The exclusive X mode allows you to get monstrously heavy and lets you cut through the din of the loudest rhythm section. The gain control in the normal channel can be dialed down to give you anything from a clean jazz tone to a crunchy, slightly overdriven rock’n roll tone. Plug in and express yourself with TBX.

speaker unit 4 x 12" Ibanez IS1216G
power handling 320Wrms/640Wmax
i/o's 2 x Input (4Ω&16Ω)2 x Input (4Ω&16Ω)
cabinet [IS412CA] Traditional Angled
[IS412CS] Straight Front Angled
size 707(W) x 755(H) x 334(D) mm (with casters)
Du sparer: 480,00DKK
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