Fra: Budda

BUDDA BU412 4x12" Kabinet

Model/varenr.: BUDDA-BU412

Our 4x12 extension is a closed back split cabinet loaded with our proprietary Budda Phat 12 speakers. We recommend our 4x12 for players looking for superior bass response, mid range punch and a sweet creamy top end. Stacking two Budda phat 4x12's under your Budda head will deliver a sonic punch that will part your hairline! Composed in solid pine with finger jointed corners, you can drop it off a truck and it will damage the concrete. The perfect cabinet solution, fine tuned to your Budda head. From a blistering top end to crushing crunch and lead tones, our speakers and cabinets bring out the best of your instrument and amp.


  • Dimensions - 28.25" x 14" x 28.75"
  • Weight - 92lbs
  • The Budda 4x12 is designed for the big stage. When you want to move a lot of air and cut through the mix, our 4x12 is the answer. We fine tuned our cabinet to coax tremendous amounts of bottom and mid range punch from the power section of our higher wattage amps.
  • The perfect cab for the Superdrive Series II heads, our 4x12 in a half stack or full stack configuration will turn your world of tone upside down!
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