Rotosound - RS555LD

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Model: RS-RS555LD
Weight: 0,6

**PLEASE NOTE** These strings measure 37" / 94cm from the ball end to the start of the silk winding. These strings have Green Silk at both ends of the string.


Instrument 5- String Bass
Scale Length Long Scale (Standard)
Gauge Range 45 - 130
Gauges 45 , 65 , 85 , 105 , 130
Wrap Material Stainless Steel
Construction Semi-flat Wound
Hex Core / Round Core Hex Core
Standard / Double Ball End Standard Ball End
Coated / Non-Coated Non-Coated


Solo Bass Strings are made by rolling the wire as the string is being made. This string has 3 advantages over the conventional roundwound: a smooth feel, ideal for fretless bass and studio work; no finger noise/reduced fretwear, and it retains the brightness of the roundwound string. Rotosound is famous for their high quality electric bass strings.

**PLEASE NOTE** These are Long Scale Strings.

The string measures 37 inches from the ball end to the start of the silk covering. N.B. These strings have silk at both ends.