Dunlop Tortex Fins

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Dunlop Tortex Fins
Model: B-414R
Weight: 0,01
1 pc. 5 pcs. 10 pcs. 15 pcs.
.50 mm .60 mm .73 mm .88 mm 1.00 mm 1.14 mm
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Fås i Tykkelserne:
.50 mm
.60 mm
.73 mm
.88 mm
1.00 mm
1.14 mm

The pick used by top musicians worldwide. Tortex® picks are carefully designed and manufactured to give the characteristic maximum memory and minimum wear that made original tortoise shell famous. Dunlop's Tortex® picks are available in a variety of shapes and gauges.

Tortex® gauges correspond to these millimeters/colors unless otherwise noted: .50-Red, .60-Orange, .73-Yellow, .88-Green, 1.0-Blue, 1.14-Purple, 1.35-Black, 1.5-White.