NS Strap

Model: NS-Strap
Screw the shorter, waist support piece into the small threaded hole in the bottom of the long arm. The waist support piece can be attached in the lower position, as shown at right. Or it can be reversed to the high position by removing the smaller thumb screw and inserting it from the other side as shown in the photo at bottom right. The axial rotation of the fingerboard can be adjusted using this screw, as shown below.

Next screw the strap assembly to the instrument by threading the large thumb screw into the large brass insert on the back of the instrument body. Try the middle hole first, then experiment with the lower or higher position as desired. The angle of the instrument can be set to match player preference.

Attach the strap from top of the long arm to the right side arm shown. The strap should be adjusted so the long arm rests high on the left shoulder. An optional waist strap can be used to provide additional stability.
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