Peavey Penta Head - Demo

Model: PV-Penta-Head

Peavey Penta Head

The Peavey Penta is a single-channel tube amplifier with five totally different personalities, courtesy its five selectable EQ/gain voicings.

The Penta amplifier combines four matched EL34 tubes with four 12AX7 tubes and features ceramic tube sockets, custom transformers, ultra-high quality components and 140 watts into 16, 8 or 4 ohms. A product of extensive tube amplifier engineering, the Penta is a completely straightforward, classic guitar amp. Correction: five guitar amps.

Using 100% analog Pentatone™ circuitry, this uniquely Peavey amplifier gives the guitar-playing world its take on five classic gain voicings on a single amp channel. These sounds are identified by corresponding icons and are accessible by a rotary knob. No fancy footswitches allowed, and no shimmering effects included—the Penta is for true plug & play guitar fanatics.

The Penta's "Star" icon reveals a classic British plexi voicing, while the "Bull" icon produces a modified British voicing with tons of added gain and a tighter low end. The "Tree" setting is, simply put, fat and clean, while the "Mudflap Girl" setting is a super-high gain voicing with a more responsive EQ and power amp section. The "Cactus" icon lays on a thicker British voicing with a loose attack and slightly more gain.

140 watts (rms) into 16, 8, or 4 ohms (switchable)
Four EL34 (matched) tubes and four 12AX7 tubes
Gain control
3-band passive EQ
Master volume
5 selectable EQ/gain voicings
Custom USA transformers
Ceramic tube sockets
Ultra high-quality components

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