Marshall TSL60 JCM200 Triple Super Lead 60w Amp Head

Using similar technology to the TSL100 and TSL122, the latest additions to the JCM2000 Series are the 60 Watt TSL60 head, TSL601 1x12 combo and TSL602 2x12 combo. With 3 channels giving every bit as much flexibility as their higher powered brethren, the TSL60s use a pair of Svetlana EL34 power valves for that classic pure Marshall valve tone.

The TSL60 Series amps all have three channels: Clean, Crunch, and Lead. The Clean channel has controls for Volume, Treble, Middle, and Bass. The Crunch and Lead channels feature individual Volume and Gain controls, with shared Treble, Middle, and Bass tone controls. The Tone Shift switch on the Crunch/Lead channels reconfigures the way the all important middle control works and the overall Deep switch adds masses of extra push at the low end.

The addition of separate Reverb controls for the Clean or Crunch/Lead channels and an overall FX Loop with Level and Mix controls, that are also on/off footswitchable means that the TSL not only gives more, but also allows the player to use the facilities in a live situation to an extent only dreamed of before. The TSL60s also feature a built-in speaker emulated DI circuit for recording or direct to the PA situations. The supplied 5-way footswitch provides remote switching for the 3 individual channels, plus the effects loop and the reverb.
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