Marshall 1959SLP Valve Super Lead 100w Amp Head


This is it! The Marshall 1959SLP 100-watt Super Lead Plexiglas, head of the late '60s/early '70s, as used by countless classic bands has been re-issued in all of its glory. The 1959SLP has been in production since the late 60s but with various electrical and cosmetic changes happening along the way. The models produced in the late 1960s/early 1970s however, were the ones that most tone gurus regarded as the finest examples. After much searching Marshall managed to track down 2 amps from this period that were the finest they'd heard, packed with all the tone and rich velvet overdrive. They gave these 2 tone monsters to their guitar-playing R&D experts and left them to create a re-issue that was so authentic that they couldn't tell the difference. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams -- the 1959SLP re-issue came to life!

The Marshall re-issue models all are faithful reproductions of the originals, which shaped the sound of electric guitar as we know it. The main characteristic that these amps share is their simplicity of operation and superb natural valve tone. Achieving the beautifully organic and vibrant overdrive, which is their trademark, can only be done in one way - crank 'em up! The result is pure, majestic tone uncluttered by unnecessary circuitry. With solos this produces a big, round, warm, sustain, full of classic character. With chord work you get a bark and percussive attack with a natural sounding break up, which allows each note to ring out in a glorious musical crunch.

Technical Info

Output (rms): 100 watts

Pre-amp Tubes: 3 x ECC83

Power Amp Tubes: 4 x EL34

3 Band EQ: yes

Presence: yes

Dimensions (mm): 750 x 310 x 210

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