Model: SS-Giftcard

When you buy a gift certificate you will receive a special gift certificate no. in an e-mail. This number is unique and must be used when redeeming the gift certificate. You can give this number to the person you wish to make happy.

Find your own way of wrapping it up or send it in a simple e-mail to the receiver. The way you give it is up to you.

The price is set to 1 DKK. This way you decide how much the presice amount will be. If you want a gift certificate on 100 DKK you simply type 100 pcs. in the amount box and click buy.

Gift certificates are non-refundable.

Price from
25 kr. 50 kr. 75 kr. 100 kr. 200 kr. 300 kr. 400 kr. 500 kr. 1000 kr.
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