EMG KH-21 Kirk Hammett System

Model: EMG-KH-21

EMG started their production in 1976 and since then has gained a reputation as the most popular manufacturer of active pickups for electric guitars. As a result of this their pickups are standard equipment on many high-end models from manufacturers such as ESP, Schecter and Jackson. EMG active pickups tend to have much higher output than passive pickups of similar design because of the on-board preamp. This has made them popular with hard rock and heavy metal guitarists because they overdrive the input stage of guitar amplifiers more dramatically than lower output passive pick-ups.


EMG has also launched a line of passive pick-ups (EMG HZ) in which they make use of their many years of experience in manufacturing active pick-ups.


EMG pick-ups are used by Tom Morello, David Gilmour, Steve Lukather, Prince, Metallica, Slayer, Zakk Wylde, Dave Kushner, Children of Bodom, Deftones, Judas Priest, Rammstein, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot and many more…


Kirk is truly the soloist of the decade and the KH21 is the tool. This system is a simple EMG-81/81 combination wired straight up with two volumes and a master tone. Lean and mean. Kirk first visited EMG back in the early 80's when Metallica was a local group on the rise. At that time Kirk was playing a Strat* equipped with an S/S/81 that we originally released as the KH20. Since then, Kirk has left the S's and club playing behind and moved to EMG-81's and the arenas.

Now it's the KH21. The sheer volume and amount of sound coming from the Metallica stage is incredible. The demands made on every piece of gear are extreme, it's no wonder Kirk has come to rely on EMG. The KH21 features a pearl laminate pickguard complimented with black dome knobs. Kirkís earlier system, the KH20, is still around but now you can choose to add any EMG Accessory and put together a system of your own.

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