EMG 91 Humbucker

Model: EMG-91


Before EMG was even conceived, Rob used to repair amplifiers. One of his first customers was Ron Eschete, a jazz guitarist in Southern California. Ron was playing and teaching at World of Strings in Long Beach and played a Benedetto Archtop. Ron has remained a great friend, and was the first to get the original EMG-91 Archtop Pickup made. He still uses it. Eventually turned into a production model in 1991, it was the first "floating" pickup to give archtop players the benefits of a low-impedance pickup.The EMG-91 is the first EMG Pickup that wasn't designed for Rock and Roll, and gave us the opportunity to really stretch out. Using Alnico magnets and a specially designed internal preamp, the EMG-91 produces a naturally warm, present tone reminiscent of some of the older floating pickups. The broad bandwidth and resonance curve of this pickup draws out the instrument's natural tone. The result is warmth with just the right touch of fidelity. Remarkably thin (only .400" 10.5mm) it will fit comfortably at the end of the fingerboard and not interfere with string or top vibrations.The installation of a 9-Volt battery has always been of concern to archtop players and builders alike, but the results achieved with the EMG-91 are well worth any extra effort the battery might require. Small (16 mm) volume and tone controls are included. Both a standard side mounted jack, long panel jack, or the EMG Ultrajak can be included along with a standard 9 Volt battery clip. The EMG-91 is available with a mounting bracket (screws included) that attaches to the fingerboard.

Package Includes: Prewired split shaft volume/tone control set, mounting bracket (if bracket is specified unattached, mounting pad and glue is additional).

Options Available: Black, White, or Ivory cover cap.

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