Ibanez SB7 Synthesizer Bass

Model: IBA-SB7
If you're looking for new tones or you're still smoldering with resentment against synth bass keyboard players who took our gigs in the 80's, the SB7 is the ticket. You've got real time feel'in other words no annoying tracking errors and delays. You can even play chords. Then there's a funky auto-wah (think "Theme from Shaft"), an 80's style synth bass sound (now it's our turn to take THEIR gigs), and a deep and heavy synth bass. And although we know it's oh-so-very-crass to talk price when we're talking art, before you shell out your hard earned bucks on a bass synth effect, check the price of ours vs. "the other guy's." H'mmm
You save: 26.60USD
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