By: Tama

Tama SL52S Superstar Custom 5 piece drum kit incl. stand

Model: TAMA-SL52S
How often have you imagined the drums you’d like to play? The sound. The professional hardware. The finish gleaming in the spotlights.  Then you wake up and see what you can really afford. Kind of an unwelcome reality check—unless you’ve seen and played TAMA Superstar. Superstar has all the killer looks and in-your-face attitude you expect from a pro rock set. But Superstar is “More Than Just Attitude.” Superstar provides all the power, projection, and durability you expect from professional kit, but at a price that’s much less than the traditional intermediate set. In sound, features looks and quality, Superstar breaks thru the price barriers and delivers the goods—all the sound and all the attitude you ever dreamed of.

SLB22E  18x22" Bass Drum
SLT12A  9x12" Tom
SLT13A  10x13" Tom
SLT16D  16x16" Floor Tom
SLS55  5½x14" Snare
HH75W  Hihat Stand
HC73BWN Boom Cymbal Stand
HC72WN  Straight Cymbal Stand
HS70WN  Snare Stand
HP200  Bass Drum Pedal

To choose finish write the color-code in comments.

You save: 346.68USD
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