Stick Clip - Drumsticks at your fingertips...

With Stick Clip you'll always have sticks at hand!
Model: Stick-clip
Weight: 0,5

Sticks by your side!
Are you tired of having reserve sticks lying on the floor, on a case or the bass drum? With Stick Clip you'll always have sticks at hand - when you need them. They are easily removed from the stick clip by either "breaking" them loose or pulling them up. Both methods are easily taken care of with one hand.

Stick Clip is invented by American drummer Bill Lordan and is a new and smart back-up stick holder. It is mounted i.e. on the floor tom and is held in place by the exisiting screw at the chosen lug. When your Stick Clip is mounted (approx. 1 min.), it will always be ready for use when the drums are set up.

Several placement possibillities.
You can also mount Stick Clip on your bass drum. This way it will hold the sticks parrallel to the bass drum shell. Or you can place it at the top rim of the snare and let the drum sticks point downwards - possibilities are many!

Stays Put
Another good thing about Stick Clip is that you can leave it on when done playing. It doesn't take up much space so it can easily be left on the shell during transport.

What size drum sticks?
Stick Clip will fit to most size stick and if you enter it with the head first it is easy to push them firmly into the clip. After that you can pull them out again or just tip them out.