Marshall 1974X Handwired Guitar Combo

Model: MARSHALL-1974X
The Marshall 1974X is a handwired reissue of the classic, late '60s guitar amp. The original versions of this 18 watt amp (made from 1966?1968) are now extremely rare and highly sought after. The new, all-valve combo (3 x ECC83s* in preamp, 1 x EZ81 rectifier, 2 x EL84s in power amp) features two channels and a valve-driven Tremolo circuit (on Channel 2). Each channel offers two inputs plus volume and tone controls. Channel 2 also has Speed and Depth controls for the Tremolo.

A contributing sonic factor in the original 1974 is the way the sound of the Celestion Greenback speaker softens with age. For the 1974X, Celestion revisited the recipe for the original 20 Watt, ceramic magnet, 15 Ohm, Greenback T1221 speaker, and ?aged? it. The result is a new speaker proprietary to Marshall that yields all of the sonic characteristics of the original.

Newly added, user-friendly features on the rear panel include two speaker output jacks (the original internal speaker was hardwired to the output transformer) and an impedance selector. In addition, both the Mains and H.T. fuses are now accessible via the rear panel (in the original, fuses were internal and difficult to access and change). Most importantly, these new features have no tonal impact on the amplifier whatsoever.

18-watt, all-tube, 1x12 in. combo with Tremolo

Authentic, handwired reissue of the late '60s classic

All-tube design: 3xECC83, 1xEZ81 and 2xEL84

Point-to-point, handwired, tag-board circuit

Two channels, one with valve-driven Tremolo

Dagnall made, exact-replica transformers

Butt welded, Aluminium chassis

Exclusive, "aged" reissue of the original 20-watt, ceramic magnet, Celestion Greenback T1221 12 in. speaker

Exact-replica, diecast Tremolo on/off footswitch included
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