Classical Crystal - Ball End - 12 set

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Classical guitar strings...

Ball end: .028 .032 .040 .030 .035 .043

Model: SS-CLNL-BE-12
Weight: 0,66's Classical strings are Silver Wound / Nylon. This means that the three bass strings are made from a thin composite material wound with silver plated copper wire. The treble strings are made from crystal nylon to provide clear sounds and perfect intonation.

Plain End Strings are usually on the guitar when you buy it. These are meant to be tied to the bridge of the guitar.

Ball End Strings have a small ball stuck to one end of the string. This ball makes it faster and easier to change strings since you don't need to tie it to the bridge. All you have to do is put the string through the hole in the bridge and the ball will take care of the rest.