12 Str. Phosphor Bronze .4 sets - (60,00 DKK/Set)


Strings for 12 Stringed Acoustic Guitar...

Model: SS-12PBNL-4
Weight: 0,22



Extra Light: .010 .014 .023 .030 .038 .048
                   + .010 .014 .009 .012 .018 .027

If the above set does not fit your desired string balance you can choose "Single Strings/Customize Sets" in the menu on the left...

Phosphor bronze strings for acoustic guitar are for the player who wants a string that keeps the "new" sound for a longer period of time. Phospor adds strength to the strings which makes a longer lasting string. Phosphor Bronze strings are the stage and studio choice of top professionals around the world.

Phosphor Bronze strings sound more warm/mellow compared to 80/20 strings. Phosphor Bronze strings are our most selling type of string for acoustic guitar.