5 String Bass .1 set

Model: SS-5EBNL


Bas 5 str. Light - .045 .065 .080 .105 .130

If none of the above sets fit your desired string balance you can choose "Single Strings/Customize Sets" in the menu on the left...

Stringsite.com's bass strings concist of a steel alloy plated with nickel. This method of manufacturing brings several advantages: The strings get a nice crisp and "round" sound as well as being more consistent and restistant to oxidation (rust) than 100% steel strings. Finally the nickel plating provides a softer feel to the strings which reduce finger noise (screech when moving across the strings) and also give longer life to both strings and frets.

The majority of strings sold today for electric guitar/bass are nickel plated steel strings - no matter what smart brand names are put on them.

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William Kudahl 07/04/2007

Helt udemærkede strege. Holde dog ikke voldsomt længe, men til prisen er det fornuftige strenge. Kan næsten måle sig med Daddario og lig. mærker. De er bare betydeligt billigerer.

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