Marshall B150 150w Bas-combo

Model/varenr.: MARSHALL-B150
MARSHALL B150 BASS COMBO Bass Guitar Amplifier The powerful B150 possesses several of the features that were found in our critically acclaimed Dynamic Bass System (DBS) - such as blendable valve and solid-state preamp stages, strong and effective primary rotary EQ network with a 7-band Graphic EQ, allowing detailed fine tuning of your tone. The Blend control on the B150's incredibly versatile preamp stage allows you to select a myriad of different options from the percussive immediacy of a totally solid-state circuit, to the extra warmth and softer feel of a valve driven (1x ECC83) path, and anywhere in-between. The amp's Bass and Treble rotary EQ is enhanced by extra Deep and Bright switches which, when combined with the amp's 7-band Graphic EQ section, adds further to the incredible tonal flexibility on offer. The B150 also boasts 'Soft Knee' Compression, our unique SLS Limiter technology and a series FX Loop. Last, but certainly not least, an XLR DI Output with an Earth (Ground) Lift switch completes the specification of this impressive, 1x15" combo.
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